November Inspiration 2016

Novembers inspiration was actually inspired by a video made by someone in my community I had seen on FB.  He asked the audience for their interpretation of FEAR and this post was my response.  Again, proving that social media can in fact be used as a tool to assist in our personal growth if we choose to make it so.

In short, fear is my inspiration. It gives me something to conquer!!!

Houdini, Copperfield & Blaine have been dubbed as some of the greatest magicians of all time. However as illusionists, they are no match for FEAR. It is not only illusive in its ways, it also comes in many faces, in many forms. It has the ability to create such believable facades, that it has kept most of us from reaching our highest self. It’s no secret that the creators of fear wishes ill will upon us all. And with that intention, the concept of fear has been strategically “inseminated” into our minds since the beginning of civilization. Fear is deeply ingrained for one purpose and one purpose alone. Mass control.

The good news is, once we realize, real lies with real eyes (Tupac Shakur) we come to understand that the only limitations we have, are the ones we set for ourselves. We can then emancipate from all false, ego based beliefs. It is one of my life missions to empower the people to rise above our adversities and embrace “fear” as opportunities to swim against the current thus building strength & resilience. The more often we challenge ourselves the more likely it will become muscle memory, to fearlessly and instinctively demolish any and every obstacle that comes our way. That is also how powerful fear can actually make us. It may be a force to be reckoned with, yes but it has no soul and therefore is inferior to us.

So, why are people so fearful of trying new things, I ask?!

The fear of falling short, fear of embarrassment/disgrace or fear of failure all have debilitating affects.

Believe it or not, I choose to believe that Trying is Triumph. Because the act of trying in and of itself is a triumph. This type of mind power will mean nothing is unattainable and every experience becomes a critical part of self growth. When we retrain our minds eye to perceive fear as a tool, meant to be used for our own healthy advancements and not an entity that controls us. We crack the magicians code & reveal the trickeries of social influence and brain control.

My challenge to those who are reading this message is to revisit your ideology of fear. Do not believe what I have said. Simply allow that preconceived notion, which does not belong to you, to evolve and elevate with you. So that fear WILL serve you.

Remember brothers and sisters that you, me, WE are more powerful then we can even imagine.

Thank you for being here with me!!! Stay happy & healthy, my loves.


Nguyen Thi The Oanh


4:34 am October 31st, 2016

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