January Inspiration 2017

First inspirational post of 2017, a year of new heights!   What inspires me this month is a skill that I will need to be practicing much of, for my business endeavor.  Which is, active listening.

I challenge YOU to ask yourself the following questions.  What is active listening and how does it influence you in your daily life?  Or better to ask, how does it affect your relationships professionally and intimately with those you hold close to your heart?

According to the “goracle” (google hehe) , Active listening is a communication technique used in counseling, training, and conflict resolution. It requires that the listener fully concentrate, understand, respond and then remember what is being said.

When described above it seems easy enough right?  But in actuality, how many people are in fact, practicing active listening?  I truly believe that by attentively listening to what your partner is saying, you can help save & enrich relationships of all types.  When we are able to offer this to our relationships, we will create a channel for this to be reciprocated.  If we just learned to refrain from our automated reaction to respond instantaneously in order to satisfy the ego’s needs and instead took the time and have the heart to listen, absorb and process what is being said by our loved ones and then reply, we could avoid unnecessary conflicts or misunderstandings.

I’m no love relationship expert by any means, however, one of my greatest gifts has always been being a great listener which makes me a great friend.   Being an active listener has taught me patience, empathy, wisdom and given me insight into people’s lives from all walks of life, opening doors to worlds I could not imagine on my own.  I cherish those who has taken the time to confide in me and I am thankful to have their trust.  It is in these people’s honor that I write this post tonight.


When we silence the mind

The heart will listen

My heart wishes to hear

The sounds of people falling

Falling madly and deeply in love

In love with themselves

In love with each other

In love with the animals

In love with Humanity

My heart wishes to hear

The throbbing heartbeats of people in love

In love with the Earth

In love with the Elements

In love with our Universe

My heart wishes to hear

The symphony of love

If one takes it upon oneself to become a master of active listening, one will attune oneself to the frequencies that bring truth beyond what is believed to be our human capacity.

We have one chance in this lifetime so love the life that you live.  (If you do, I applaud you) Live it to the fullest, be kind, be honest, choose happiness, live your life in love and don’t hold back.  And if you ever find yourself wanting to hold back.  Ask  WHY?!?  For what purpose will it serve you?  Holding back on love only means you will miss out on the greatest gift life will ever have to offer.  I myself, am taking this advice to heart, I wish you will too.  Thank you for being here with me sweet darlings, I love you.  Keep shining as you do.

Oh and please remember, love will deliver you peace, as it has for me.


Nguyen Thi The Oanh


10:47pm January 11, 2017


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