March Inspiration 2018

I am grateful to love another day. I often say “Everyday we wake up breathing is a blessing.” And indeed every breath we take is a gift.

Last Saturday, I was seconds away from imminent death. If my reaction seized up from fear, shock or panic or even if I wasn’t driving the speed I was. The scene of the freak accident would have been like a climactic clip from a “fast and furious” film where the screenwriters wanted to ex out a character. I would have been butternut squashed, against a semi truck.

I was attentive, calm and was thinking to myself how lovely the drive was up until that point when everything could have gone horribly wrong. I continue to thank God and my Angles for protecting me.

My only fault was that it was my first time driving those roads and the fact that there were no signs to direct drivers properly is merit for the city to add some much-needed signs to make it safer for everyone on the road.

That experience has definitely turned my fire into an inferno so I can continue to relentlessly push forward with my soul purpose and to relinquish all my self-limiting beliefs once and for all. There is never a better time to be the best version of yourself then NOW. So let us live authentically and rise together.

Seven days ago I became a speed demon for a moment and escaped the hands of death. Made it safely to my tattoo therapy session and experienced THE best feeling ever. The feeling of needle piercing flesh never felt so damn good!

This is a picture of me two days ago literally falling in love with a kindred spirit, Annika. I made a deep heart connection with her beautiful mother Lisa and sister Tayla as well. The Universe or dare I say, Multiverse clearly had other plans for me.

My heart cup is overflowing and if you are reading this NOW. Thank you for being here with me, thank you for being on your path and crossing mine and thank you for being in my life. I LOVE YOU ♡ I LOVE YOU ♡ I LOVE YOU ♡

Life is as beautiful as we make it.
Blessed be, my loves.

Nguyen Thi The Oanh

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