About Me

“Take me instead!  Bestow the suffering unto me, let it seep into my flesh, let it run through my veins, let it infest my heart.  And yet again I AM ONE to conquer all.  Let it be me.” – Solo Soul 2010


Well gosh, I just wanna make you feel good inside.  I want to actively support you in any way I can, as to further empower YOU to create and or to keep on creating.  My motive is to have you feel compelled to visit this site and utilize it, as a place where you can harness inspiration to express your own prospective creatively.  Plus, I really want to shake up the art scene in Vancouver British Columbia, where I call home.  I am building a not for profit online platform where I can share my arts,thoughts and interests.  As well as expose my fellow local talented artists, whose work I admire, while dissecting what art means to each special individual.  One of my many goals is to provoke deeper thinking, to challenge your beliefs and have you challenge mine.  I’m not here to teach or convince anyone of anything, all I want to do is be with you and dig a little deeper, be curious, ask questions, stray away from our comforts and DEMOLISH THE MOLD.  I know amazing things are meant to be discovered about ourselves and the world around us, I just want us break free, LEARN, thrive and EVOLVE together!

Our “privacy” is becoming less and less private with the direction technology and society is heading and so I will to use this to my advantage and encourage you to do the same in your own way.  One cannot take from me what I am giving, one can only simply receive it or not.  Here I am, completely willing to go from being extremely guarded to utterly vulnerable and serving you some of my deepest passions, secrets, emotions and thoughts on the finest silver platter for those who do choose to see.  I wish to summon everything I have in me to give MY ALL and to heal while doing so.  So judge me as you will and I will stay true to who I am and continue to flourish.  I will not fake my flaws, this I promise you.


The question is, how will we use the internet/social media as a positive impact to influence each other and become more proactive not only in our own lives but in our local communities and eventually collectively as citizens of one world.  Remember that everything great started small.  I have several tactics in plan with ample room to expand, this will be a perfect example of living and learning.  With the help of my friends and Sky LaRose (my alter ego – the amplified version of ME! ) a series of interviews with local artists/creators will be filmed for those who want to share their story in a different way.  (Find out more in “Meet Sky LaRose”)  I want to keep everything I create as raw and authentic as possible for this is a reflection of who I am.  Raising awareness and laughing at the same time is the name of the game.  FUN is in the itinerary always, so let’s play and make some noise!


Lets start off with…

Hi, my name is Oanh pronounced like ONE, just as my mother intended.  Oanh Thi The Nguyen in full and Oanh Love for short.  I don’t like writing about myself because I’d rather you get to know me instead.  However since that would not be the most practical I’ll try my best to keep this short and sweet but no promise.  (skip to the last couple of paragraphs for short version)

I am not a high school graduate, making it through one of the hardest times of my life took priority over making it through school.  I also don’t need a piece of paper to validate the level of my intelligence. I am not a trained painter or singer, I’ve had to focus on keeping a roof over my head and food in my belly before fostering my passion for art.  I am not a professional or technical writer, so you will find errors in my work but for me what matters more is the message behind my writing.  I am not an avid reader because my writing is sacred to me and I do not want my writings to be affected by my reading.  I do however value the amazing gains one may benefit from reading or studying a subject (keeping in mind I do not believe wisdom is fully absorbed by reading a book) and one day I will raise my children to read and hand write.  I am not easy to understand but those who do understand, love me for staying true to who I am and I am grateful for the love that has kept me striving for more in life.  I am not a world traveler because I’ve had to create my own foundation at a young age when nothing in my world was stable. However, now that I have built security in my life, traveling is by far one of my top priorities.  Although born and raised Catholic, I am not religious as I believe the ultimate truth and universal wisdom can only be found within ourselves when we learn to be empty, silent and calm as the storm of the world engulf us. I do not have much sympathy for many but I do have empathy for all.  I have experienced my worse on my own, starred the Devil in his eyes, kissed him farewell and still kept my soul.  I learned how to thrive on loneliness.  I blame no one and feel no self pity, for I have always remembered that someone, somewhere else has a far more difficult life to endure.  But one day, I would like to share my story, not to gain anyone’s compassion but to gain your TRUST, so that when the time comes and  I say “Sister/brother I feel your pain.” you will know that I speak the TRUTH.    Oanh

I do not wish for fame and fortune although I know that if I want to reach out to the masses and make a more powerful impact, that the two things I do not wish for will also be my greatest weapon. My wish is to be ever evolving and starting this website is another form of my own personal growth.  I grew up introverted and soft spoken but always aware and even as a child I possessed the mind of a woman.  My whole life I meticulously built up a great wall, one stone at a time and though it has served it’s  purpose when I needed it most.  I am NOW ready to let people in and share my love for life and all beings.

The love of my life is beautifully encapsulated in the form of a Puppy-Dragon.  Her name is Celaya Dragon Nguyen. She is my most loyal companion from one lifetime to another, we reunited back in 2010 at a market place I was adamant about going to in Celaya, Mexico.  She is an extension of who I am, our lives revolve around each other and I cherish her spirit.

Dragon and Oanh - 1st kiss Dragon and I – Our first kiss moments after she woke up in my hands

I believe there is a place for science but because we can not prove it all, we also can not disprove anything.  I believe we live in a MAGICAL Universe that anything is possible, I believe that just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I believe we are ALL interconnected and we ALL have a relevant purpose to fulfill in this lifetime.  I believe that balance is the only  way to a prosperous life.  I believe we go through what the Gods know we can handle and those who fail to recognize their own strength, fail to pick themselves up after a fall.   I am passionate about what I believe because I’ve experienced it first hand, seen it through my own eyes, processed it with no exterior influence and accepted it through surviving my own agony.  I believe that LOVE will deliver us PEACE.  I believe that CHANGE happens when WE, the people, CREATE.

I AM a reflection of youI AM the echo of your hearts whispers, your gentle reminder and your tough love.  I AM a woman of my word.  I AM a free bird.  I AM a dream chaser.  I AM never a victim yet always the victor I AM OANH within a glorious microcosm together NOW, with you.  I AM an eternal student of the Universe.  I AM grateful for who I AM.

I make mistakes but never the same one twice and still have much to learn.  I will not wait for opportunities to maybe arise, I will create my own opportunities and capitalize on the ones presented in front of me.  And most of all I have a vision, I want to share this with as many people as humanly possible before my time in this vessel is over.  So I invite you to join me in this crazy adventure we call life and live freely, love openly, sing loudly, dance wildly, be kind, hold hands, make love, embody passion, cuddle animals, connect deeply, practice self unconditional love and feel sorrow so that it will remind you of how amazing it is to be happy. Create art, whatever that means to you and live in the moment to it’s fullest potential.  I mean, what do you have to lose but everything if you live for nothing.

I love you.

Lak’ ech ala k’in – which in Mayan means ” I am another you, and you are my family”

Oanh Love

12:33am December 16th, 2014

“ I have been empowered in the trenches of my deepest despair.  Where the weak would flounder I found my way.”  – Solo Soul  2011