My emergency contact is my beloved Dheymon [Day – man , Born in 2007, he cannot be destroyed] this creature of mine is a Demon – Human Hybrid….by day he walks amongst us as your gentle passer by, just as he pleases.  But by night Dheymon’s true colors can shine…he is not to be disturbed, pissed off or slightly bothered or he will have you for dessert…and will save the best part for me.  So what is the best part you ask?  His loyalty to me is unwavering.  Tehe…


You can contact me with any questions/concerns/feedback/ideas or anything you feel like bringing to my attention.  I appreciate honesty I do but be kind.  I will not tolerate any form of disrespect because I won’t give any one a reason to disrespect me.  Be assured that I will deal with any uncalled for situations accordingly, though I feel confident that we are going to get along famously.  Remember to treat others the way you want to be treated.  Thank you for your time and I will do my best to respond promptly.  Stay happy and well my friend.

Preferred way to contact me is via email at   Oanhness[at]

For anyone who finds me on Facebook, please mention in your message that you had visited this site.  Also, please do not take it personally if I do not add you as a friend.  I want to have this site become our dominant place of interaction.

Many thanks.

Yours truly,

Oanh Thi The Nguyen