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 short-hair-is-sassy-and-classy baby-oanh-love short-hairMy long locks have been both my security and insecurity. Ever since I chopped off my mame. I’ve been deeply reconnected to my inner child. I feel this innocence take over me, I catch myself skipping along the street and waving at strangers with a huge smile on my face.

Life has forced me to grow up fast. It’s been so special for me to be able to feel the emotions I fondly hold on to in this picture as a child. With unwavering determination, I kept that little girl within me safe from all the cruelty & harshness this solo pilgrimage has made me endure. I have been working relentlessly ever since I can remember to get to where I am at now. A place of constant transformations & tranquility. I have created a life for myself where I finally feel safe enough to let that little girl in me shine through without any apology…I am so utterly grateful…for everything and everyone. I am a free bird!

The inner child within me, bows to the inner child within you, my loves.

Thank you for being here with me. Stay bold & beautiful.

-Solo Soul

5:17pm  November 18th, 2016


“I encourage you to expand your feminism to include the voices of radical sex positivists and anarchist sex workers. What you are missing is the power of weaponized femininity, it’s real and it’s one of the most powerful and underused tools we have to dismantle the heteropatriarchy. Oanh is a hell of a lot smarter then you are giving her credit for here.” – Tallulah Lee

I could not have said it better myself beautiful sister, thank you for helping me shed light where it is dark & having my back.


Here is a mere glimpse of what makes up the FORCE, which keeps me dedicated to my path in speaking my truth. I do this on behalf of other’s who have faced and are facing similar adversities…
I wish every living organism peace, health, love, happiness and all the wonders this magical Universe has to offer!
#RelentlessnessMadeMeDoIt #IAMALIVE #FreedomToAllEarthlings#JoeRogan #JoeRoganExperience #HeWhoDaresWINS #OanhLove
8:20pm August 27th, 2016


I know very well, that the only way for an everyday woman such as myself…to stand out from the crowd and be heard. I MUST FEARLESSLY, walk even further away from the crowd! I stand my grounds…

I made this meme with the utmost respect to our dearest Mother Teresa. Her work must carry on through OUR collective WILL to live in harmony.

I have nothing left to lose…


Dear Tribe Leader’s a.k.a community leaders

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

Tribe leaders, I need you men to start asking “WTF questions!!!” Like, “WHY, Why am I now, being so fucking relentless with my ways!?!” Wonder who Nguyen Thi The Oanh, truly is, what kind of a person I am”, “How have I been living my life?”, “To what purpose have I willingly surrendered my all & sacrificed everything I’ve ever wanted in life thus far?” “Why have I so BOLDLY put my neck out there?!” “What do you men have in common and why have I meticulously picked each of you out?” Nothing is by chance when it comes to the ways of the Universe. Ask these questions out loud, consult your greatest confidant. Pick up the phone, and call each other! You must feel the same urgency I feel…We cannot move mountains over night nor can we do it alone…but it is imperative we start an unbreakable alliance! The stars have aligned…we have until August 12th to utilize our intentions to create positive change for our future. Be in prayer with me, pray for humanity!


We are protected.


2:39pm August 9th, 2016



As the people begin to emerge from the darkness….the ground beneath our feet will tremble! We must ground ourselves, this movement is very real!

2:55pm August 7th 2016,



Once upon a time, I dreaded the thought of looking in the mirror. Self love was something I knew nothing of. But I have healed and will continue to heal. I am ready to speak my truth. In a big way. FRIENDS!!! I am conducting a social media experiment. The question is…How many memes will it take before they become viral so I can reach JOE ROGAN himself and have a NO BULLSHIT conversation with the man on his podcast!!! If your curious as to what on Earth I wanna to talk to him about…then maybe YOU should help me make my memes reach him!

I know in order for an everyday woman such as myself, in the THICK of my journey, to gain the attention of the leaders in my community, I’ma have to kick, scream, TAG YOU on my memes and be that sliver under your skin until you do something about it. If I’m gonna be utterly uncomfortable in this whole process, I’m gonna do everything in my power to make you uncomfortable too, with love of course =) Sorry, not sorry! This is how we grow together…

Thank you kindly and have a kick ass day.

Let the hunt begin!

Oanh Love baby!

 3:30pm August 6th, 2016

To my dear sisters and brothers around the world,
I’m about to throw down some heavy words while this fiery of fire is burning deep within my soul!!! So if YOU are ill prepared for a reality check, then go ahead and cower as you turn a blind eye!!!
There is a raw and irrefutable fact that women are being severely oppressed! Today I was reminded of this truth as I was getting ready to head out. I heard the screaming cries of my neighbor getting physically, emotionally and sexually abused. This has not been the first time I’ve been forced to call 911 for help. It’s been MONTHS of such violence and yet little has been done to help this poor girl. The saddest part is that these offenses have been committed by her half brother!
I felt her pain…on a cellular level.
I give up! At this very point of my finite existence, I give up my modest ways and I am choosing to stand up!!! I will speak on behalf of those who are muffled! Yes, this is FB but mark my words, I will be bursting bubbles. And as the masses gasp deeply for air, they will quickly realize, that it is only in that moment…that they have taken a breathe of fresh air.
My beloved sisters who are reading this. Please, I am asking you from the bottom of my heart, from the depths of my soul, we need to help each other rise above the oppression!!! The fate of humanity depends on it!!! Our children are crying for us….Help me spread this message of unity…
My dear brothers, there has never been a time in my life that I have felt more desperate to ask of your help then NOW!!! Help me spread this message of oneness. We are inferior to each other until we realize we are equal to one another.
Our world is dominated by masculine energy but our future relies on feminine power! I DARE YOU to test my fight!
Oanh Love
8:20pm July 10th, 2016

Dear Diary,
Today I accomplished a lot.  The most profound act I did, was to get rid of a cologne I used to wear in my early 20’s.  This scent brought me back to the days when I was driven by my masculine energy, which was completely necessary at the time.  Once stubbornly independent, I loved smelling like the dominant man I was attracted to but did not allow into my life.  Now that I’ve let that side of me rest and be my back bone to allow my FEMININE POWER take reign.  My whole world has been shifting and this change will be reflected in due time…
Oanh Love
11:18pm April 17th, 2016

cancun beach bum
Dear Earthlings.

To all those who don’t have nice things to say, if you don’t like what I stand for now, your probably not gonna like me tomorrow or the day after. So please do us both a favor, save your energy and delete me from your life and enjoy it to the fullest!

If you think I have an ego, your right. We all do. But if you think I’m really that self centered or egotistical, your wrong. Because IF I really was, I would wish to be united and deeply in love with my eternal king, move into the woods or by a beach and raise my family/animals. The truth is…I am still so madly in love with humanity and I have a message to share…it will not be easy to spread the word but I didn’t get to where I am today without resilience or perseverance.

I hope you gain empowerment from this years first INSPIRATIONAL POST of 2016! You will also gain insight on what I plan to do and why.

Love me or hate me…I am here to represent the people!


Oanh Love baby!

11:45 pm January 25th, 2016


Dear Diary,
Once upon a time when I was 20, 21 years of age or so, I would literally sleep through Christmas because I didn’t have anyone to spend it with.  Smiles on the outside and sorrow on the inside.  But after how many life times, (only the God’s will know) and three decades in this vessel,  I finally found my peace and happiness.  I saved myself.  Now, today I spend Christmas alone with my animal family and will be creating a special work of art to try and help fundraise for my CHANGE HEROES campaign.  My home is my sacred space, my place of refuge where all my creative juices feed my organism.  Where do you find your silence dear friend?
PLEASE help me raise enough money to give an entire family a safe haven.  There’s ONLY 11 more days.  We won’t stand a chance without your contribution.  Watch the video and consider us ok??
Thank you kindly and Merry Christmas to you and yours
Oanh Love, Dragon, Justice, Sophie & all the little ones in the tank =)
6:00pm December 25th, 2015


Dear Diary,

Now that I’ve had a few days to let my experience in Vietnam really soak in. I can come out to honestly say that I am a new woman, with the same heart and a cleansed spirit. It was as though the Universe conspired in any way possible to get me to Vietnam, no matter how hard it was gonna be, so that I can complete my healing process that I devoted this year to…And I am grateful to have made it to my destiny because it made the reunion with my father possible. 22 years had passed without me really knowing if he was dead or alive, if he was well or why he never tried to reach out to me. I got answers to my questions but most of all I got to feel his love for me and remorse for leaving our family the way he did. I know how far I’ve come based on my ability to forgive those who hurt me most because I now want to have a stronger relationship with my mother & brothers. I get to be a daughter for a father again. Who would have known how much I love the feeling of having my hand held by my daddy.  Although, even in all this happiness lies sorrow for the loss of a relationship with my beloved younger brother that I worked so hard to nurture. Acceptance has become my saving grace and greatest lesson. There once was a time when everyone who was suppose to love me, got up and left me. I felt what it feels like to be completely abandoned but now that I’ve come to this abundance in my life that I fought so hard for, it has brought me peace, unconditional love and forgiveness for myself and others. No one can take this serenity from me…not ever. So for those who meet me and wonder how I can be so damn positive and full of love. It`s because I’ve emancipated from the pits of my hell, which is much like yours.  I never really knew what it meant to be reborn until it truly happened to me, in my home town in Vietnam where I was conceived.  Love is all that I wish to feel and so love is all that I will exude. I share my story in hopes to inspire anyone who is facing adversity to remember that LOVE WILL DELIVER YOU PEACE! As it has for me….Thank you for reading and for being here with me, remember you are not alone.

Oanh Love

3:33pm August 26th, 2015

 Costa Rica familia

Dear Diary,

I am amazed by how far I’ve come just in the last few months.  It felt like a lifetime has come and gone in only days.  The emotions I feel inside is indescribable.  I sit here now with so much love in my heart and I just have to say that I LOVE TO LOVE…even when I’m upset, clouded or angry, I always come back to LOVE.

For so many years of my life I’ve held back due to distrust, resentment, fear and well being stubbornly independent.  I didn’t need anyone nor I did I want anyone.   I wallowed in my own misery because I wanted to absorb what I was feeling, have it engrained in my mind and forever seared onto my aching heart.  I did this so I would remember to never be in this dark place ever again. This mentality created a rather rough exterior to those who didn’t know me but I had this face on because I had so much to protect, my life depended on the fact that I had to be tough.  This also meant I could not completely give my heart to anyone to prevent from ever being heart broken.

Well, times have changed, I’ve come full circle!  I’ve walked through that glorious gate and I’m not looking back.  I`m finding myself in the most peaceful place of my life, in my souls whole existence.  I had been telling myself that my peace will come when I can gaze into my child’s eyes, so to feel this serenity NOW is very special to me.  And to know that this feeling will only be intensified once I have healed entirely to seal the link, is what’s all the more wondrous for me.  I have learned that true happiness comes from being honestly content with oneself.  A new and exciting adventure begins, I am single, abstinent and remarkably happy!!!  I’ve accomplished SO much since putting ME first that I owe it to myself to ride this wave out.  The impact of my achievements will be felt by those I care about deeply and even those I may not know.  This immense abundance I have in my world is overwhelming.  A huge chunk of this is due to the precious relationships I have with whom I love in my life.  I constantly count my blessings, THANK YOU for being one of my many gifts.

While up high in the sky, flying home from Celaya, Mexico in 2010.  I was enthralled by the horizon as I looked out the airplane window.  Words began to flow together to form a poem I hold dear to my heart.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did writing it, this poem never gets old for me.

“Love like the horizon cannot be denied
It will only expand into the distance of forever
It will always exist even in times of darkness
And will shine to celebrate the beauty of life
It is where the union of two distinct opposites meet
It is where you can learn to accept that balance is the only way to a prosperous life
Love can be found anywhere
As the horizon will never cease to exist
So expand your horizon
Take a risk on that neglected fine line
It will lead you to all the wonders of the world
To beauty in a different form
And to new LOVE
-Solo Soul
8:51pm March 30th, 2010
Love saved my life, not because I was surrounded with it growing up but because I always knew I have so much unconditional love to give to this world and all that exists.  I wish for such love to be of an abundance in your life.  Happiness is a choice, be happy my sweetness.  Stay bold and beautiful.  Remember you are loved.


Oanh Thi The Nguyen

 2:55 am May 14th, 2015

Photo by Mitchell Williams – La Familia, Costa Rica 2015

I would like to share a poem I wrote a few years back that continues to empower me to strive for more in everything I do, to rise above all adversities with integrity and compassion for others.  For me these words shed light when times are dark.  Please read these words and BELIEVE it with all your heart when you say it out loud or in your mind.  Scream it to the Universe and let your soul be heard.
“Let us fall if it means we will arise to stand taller.
Let us cry if it means we feel more compassion for others.
Let us feel pain if it means we’ll appreciate every gain.
Let us suffer if it means we will get tougher.
Let us lose a friend if it means never again.
Let us face regret, only once if it means lessons will be learned.
Let us hurt the ones we care about if it means we realize love is real.
Let us love today if it means we’ll endure heart break tomorrow.
I know everything I could ever want because I got everything I never wanted.
It was all worth it in the end because with each passing day WE MUST LEARN.”
-Solo Soul
10:10pm December 11, 2009
I hope that you too can find inspiration in this poem to evolve and to remember that everything does happen for a reason, even if we may not understand it.  Stay bold and beautiful.
Oanh Thi The Nguyen
11:20pm April 26th, 2015

My eyes have shed many tears this past six months but my heart is shining more then ever before.  I am a MASTER at giving love yet my greatest flaw WAS resisting love for myself.  Until today, today marks the day I unchain myself and surrender my all to the power and magic of LOVE!  Change won’t happen without struggle but it feels amazing!!  I wish I could scream this at the top of a mountain then sing to the Gods to give thanks for my freedom to live, to love and yes finally, to be loved!!
Oanh Love
4:59pm November 26th, 2014

We were ALL created EQUALLY!!! Every single living organism. Meticulously designed in every way fathomable, to fulfill our own unique and relevant purpose in this lifetime! Listen for your calling and live out the pursuit!! This is the will of the Gods!
Oanh Love
8:57 am November 6th, 2013
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