My Greatest Teacher

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  This rings true when it comes to the impact my beloved, Alex Sam Nguyen has done for me.  He has taught me many things simply by being true to who his emotions and who he is regardless of what others may think of him.


My Inspiration

You expressed your passion with such conviction one cannot help but be influenced by your sheer talent.  You always sing from your soul and your courage inspires me to sing my heart out as well.  I wish to channel your spirit and echo your voice.  You will live on through me, sweet brother.

I appreciate you lending a hand in aligning my path with Michael Bublé. You’re magical, my love. Mother is grateful too.  I will take her to his concert one day when she is ready.  And I will manifest meeting Michael Bublé again so I can show him your video.  It’s a promise!

My Love

I would give anything to embrace you again, sing you a lullaby, and to hold your hand, letting you know we’re in this together forever. I would do anything to be able to lay my head on your chest and fall asleep listening to your heartbeat, sweet brother.

SpHadez & 1

My Fierce Guardian Angel

Dear SpHadez, your energy is powerful, bright, and eternal.  I cherish your soul.  And although my heart yearns to be with you, I try to remind myself to be grateful for our deepened bond and evolved kinship.  The truth is we are closer now then we could ever have been, I understand the depth of our love.  Where I was once scared, I realize that such love should not be feared, it must be revered. Thank you for helping me see the truth that has been hidden from me due to social programming.  I promise to make you proud, I promise the world will feel your impact.

I love you more then words can say.


My Hero

You saved my life.  When I was engulfed in darkness with no reason to live, your existence kept me going.  You, just you, your pure heart gave me the will to survive.  I know you’re still watching over us and I promise to take care of mom down here until we are all together again one day.


My Everything

God was generous & kind to send you down to us.  A true blessing you are to everyone who was ever fortunate enough to be in your presence.  You are my gateway into the Spirit Realm just as I am your gateway into the physical world.  My Twin Spirit, as you rise as will I. I am forever grateful to have you in my life now and forever.  Death cannot keep us apart for there is no such thing as death.

I love you into the next world and beyond, Sphadez.


Your Twin Spirit.

Fri, Apr 26, 2019, 3:38 AM



My gratitude extends far beyond my current human form.  It is virtually impossible for me to express the magnitude of how grateful I feel inside for literally EVERYONE and EVERYTHING I have in my life, then and NOW.  But I will give it a shot:

I’m finding myself getting rather emotional now as I reflect on life.  So please bare with me as I acknowledge those whom this site is dedicated to, which is everyone who’s played a critical role in my life and assisted in propelling me to where I am today, it may get a little sappy and lengthy.

Special thanks to my multi talented, dear friend, soul brother and confidant Dino Bassanese.   Who not only single handedly help me make this website all come to life, he also helped me design my business card and made me feel even more confident to say that YES, I am a CREATIVE VISIONARY.  And in honor of our bond, I will do my best to live up to this.  Remember our talks babe because I promise you, we are going to fly high.  Ha! So many hours spent together to turn my vision into reality, I am a perfectionist and my attention to detail can be time consuming yet you were so kind and patient while building this with me from the ground up.  Our friendship means so much to me.  Dino, I am grateful that after my first break up that devastated me, I got to keep you in my life.  Wow!  It’s been a long time coming but with you and a handful of other special people in my life, time means nothing because forever can not be measured by time.  You and I are in this together, forever.  I love you.

Dino Bassanese


My mother, Nghiep (Lynn) Thi Nguyen.  You are so beautiful, you are one of the strongest and most courageous person I know!  There has been enough time and distance between us to heal.  I am ready now to put forth more effort into building a relationship we never had but I always wanted.  Thank you for giving me life and most importantly thank you for introducing me to a greater power, to my Gods, this made all the difference in my world.  Mama, I know you tried your best and I just want you to know that, I blame you for nothing and I love you for everything.  I love you mother.  My siblings, Alex Sphadez Nguyen, (the youngest of four) you are my heart, simply said.  Patrik Khoa Nguyen and Duy Duc Nguyen.  You guys are effing brats but I love you even though you seldom hear it .  You (amongst many others) made my life so hard to deal with growing up but because of our hardships, it also helped me evolve at an impeccable rate.  I am relentless, tough, and wiser because of you guys.  I wouldn’t change a single thing in my life, I would relive it all over again if I had to, take the good along with the bad and be grateful every single step of the way.  I see way back into our innocent days before society corrupted our minds, before the unfortunate series of events took place in our lives and I smile as I reminisce of our childhood having so much fun playing games in our “festivals”, playing tag in the dark, hide and seek, roaming the neighborhood in search of fruit bearing trees to pick at with permission and bring home to mom.  Remember when we made our own private club with our friends behind the boys and girls club?! haha!!  It felt like we were exploring the rainforest, I still remember how amazing it was and I hold onto  that feeling with all my might.  Countless fond memories my brothers, thank you.  We were united in this lifetime to learn a valuable lesson, the six of us, and I know we will understand it and rise above all of our differences to be stronger as a family unit, as kindred spirits.  And to the family I don’t often get to see and some I have yet to meet, I love you and I dream of the day we are all physically together.

Oh!  My amazing friends that I have met along this rugged journey, you have been my chosen family, so special to me, you know who you ALL are.  I hope you feel the love I am constantly sending your way.  I LOVE YOU more than words can say and you will always always be in my heart.  I’ve done some wrongs during my existence but I know I’ve also  done enough rights to have so many beautiful souls in my life to experience this world in the best way possible, through thick and thin.  Thank you for being you, thank you for loving me and I just want YOU to know that I cherish your soul.  I wish YOU all the wonders this magical Universe has to offer.   Stay happy and well my loves.

My teachers growing up, in particular Mrs. Mitchel (grade 1-3)  I remember it as though it was only yesterday the very moment when I fell in love with SNAKES and the jungle, thank you for the many rays of light in my life.  Mrs. McCleod (grade 4) Thank you for all your hugs and support.  Mr. R. Wilson (grade 5-7) thank you for being an amazing artist to challenge me and for being the only male figure in my life I could rely on if even just at school.  I hope you all get to see this one day and know how much your energy in my childhood has influenced me to become the woman I am today.  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

Robert Nesta Marley, I love you.

I am also grateful for each person I’ve crossed paths with whether good or “bad” as each interaction has been a lesson learned.  I got to learn more about who I am because of these harsh moments, so thank you for being an obstacle I needed to overcome and thank you for reflecting a quality I do not wish to posses.  I truly hope I was able to do the same for you.  Thank you for testing me in every way.  I must learn to love myself unconditionally and YOU are part of the reason why I will get to that state of self love.  I pray that you strive to be the best you as I do the same!  I know we will meet again at our purest form and when we do, I will be there with open arms to say “ brother/sister, we made it”.

Saving the most special for last, Debbie, a beautiful First Nations woman indeed.  You were my angel then and you are my guardian angel now.  Even though your time in my life was brief  and so long ago,  I still feel your presence in my life now on a daily basis.  I was only maybe seven but I still remember how you made me feel unconditional love when I needed it most, in the simplest ways.  I am eternally grateful for our short yet profound connection in the physical form.  You helped me understand that death IS freedom at a tender age and I have so much love and respect for aboriginal people/cultures around the world because of you.   Thank you for keeping me in tuned with my indigenous roots.  You live in my heart, I am a constant reflection of your beauty.   I cannot wait for the day we reunite, I hope I make you proud Debbie.


Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you for taking your precious time to read this and be here with me.

You are so beautiful.



Oanh Thi The Nguyen

December 3rd, 2014