Monthly Inspiration

This is when I take a moment to recognize and applaud anyone or anything I truly appreciate and share my words of encouragement with the rest of the world ( YOU in particular ).  Because let’s face it, at the end of the day, we are all interconnected and inspiration IS a ripple affect which can be traced by the finest silk thread, of a brilliantly crafted spider web.  Oh boy, this is gonna be GOOD!



February 2015 , More like always and forever ♥

This beautiful soul was born on February 6th,1945. Can you guess who? Yes, it is the one and only Bob Marley and this couldn’t be more suiting to honor him as my first of many inspirations. His legacy truly lives through us and he is one of the greatest influence in my life. I hope we can make this site become an extension of his work. (I aim high!) He is a legend, he is love, he is free and more alive than ever before. Keep on moving your body to the sound of his music and sing his words, I sure do.
Find out more about his life at:

One World One Love