March Inspiration 2018

I am grateful to love another day. I often say “Everyday we wake up breathing is a blessing.” And indeed every breath we take is a gift. Last Saturday, I was seconds away from imminent death….

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July Inspiration 2017

This months inspiration is short and sweet.  Instead of living vicariously through the lives of others, challenge yourself to live the life that you absolutely desire.  The more extravagant the better.  With social media making it…

JT FOXX is more than an Inspiration

Only two and a half months ago I had no idea who JT Foxx was.  Not a hint or clue, Mr.Foxx was not on my radar, even in the slightest.  However, thanks to my girlfriend Nikki…

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February Inspiration 2017

Greetings everyone, We have all gathered today to celebrate Thomas’ life because he has impacted each of us in a special & unique way.  Let us reminisce beautiful moments shared with our beloved Thomas.  Let’s close…

January Inspiration 2017

First inspirational post of 2017, a year of new heights!   What inspires me this month is a skill that I will need to be practicing much of, for my business endeavor.  Which is, active listening. I…

December Inspiration 2016

To sum up 2016 in three words:  RAPID MULTIDIMENSIONAL TRANSFORMATIONS It’s been a year of serious growth for me and I’ve come out on top, much like previous years.  This is because in every situation I…

November Inspiration 2016

Novembers inspiration was actually inspired by a video made by someone in my community I had seen on FB.  He asked the audience for their interpretation of FEAR and this post was my response.  Again, proving…

October Inspiration 2016

Thought provoking statements keep me inspired.  Beauty in simplicity. I LOVE YOU. -Nguyen Thi The Oanh 1:25am October 6, 2016

September Inspiration 2016

LOVE is forever my inspiration.  What is yours, my LOVE?! 1:21 am October 6th, 2016  

August Inspiration 2016

Find your inner peace my loves.