Self Indulgence List

Some call it a bucket list, I personally have always referred to it as my SELF INDULGENCE LIST. Just the vibrational sounds of these words are more seductive to me and it encompasses exactly what I wish for us to do in life.  Indulge in all the wonders this Universe has to offer from the simplest form to the most dramatic of ways.  I encourage you to create your own list if you haven’t already, continue to add to it and live out each attainable goal with me.  In essence, this is our “Cherry on Top” ;D  

In no particular order:



1.  Build my magical garden – ♥ PARTWAY THERE

2.  Start a new online journey –  ♥ CHECK

3.  Continue painting like a mad woman – ♥ WORK IN PROGRESS

4.  Grow as a trained dancer –  ♥ TRYING 


6.  Expand and focus on my business –  ♥ CURRENTLY BUILDING AN INDESTRUCTIBLE FOUNDATION

7.  Love myself unconditionally so that I can love others unconditionally –  ♥ WORK IN PROGRESS

8.  Sing at an open mic –  ♥ HARNESSING MY COURAGE

9.  Swim with dolphins (as many times as possible) –  ♥ CHECK

10.  Jump off a cliff (as many times as possible)  –  ♥ CHECK

11.  Start filming “Keep’n it REAL…Artsy Fartsy with Sky LaRose” –  ♥ SEVEN EPISODES IN =)

12.  Learn calligraphy

13.  Be the change I wish to see in this world –  ♥ WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL , I AM TRYING

14.  Inspire the masses to CREATE and tap into their greater self –  ♥ WORK IN PROGRESS

15.  Start a two person band

16.  Finish the third painting I started way back when ( yea I’m taking my sweet time with this one )

17.  Make a compost

18.  Finally host my house warming get together

19.  Visit my mysterious mother land, Vietnam –  ♥ AS OF JULY 21st, 2015 I WILL BE THERE

20.  Express my sensuality in the form of Burlesque – ♥ I CLOSED THE SHOW & KILLED IT 

21.  Genuinely FORGIVE and RELEASE all that no longer serves me –  ♥ THE ULTIMATE TEST IS HERE & NOW

22.  Get back into tattooing for friends and loved ones –  ♥ I AM READY WHEN YOU ARE

23.  LIVE in the present moment as often as possible –  ♥ INTENTION SET

24.  Create thought provoking photography in front and behind the lens –  ♥ ONE MANS TRASH IS ANOTHER WOMANS TREASURE, I GOT MY 1st CANON CAMERA.  Thank you so much Peter!

25.  Collaborate with an artist I admire to compose my first song, which will become my anthem song




27.  Retire my mom – ♥ THIS IS MY PROMISE TO YOU MOTHER

28.  Launch my clothing line, a fire I’ve been nurturing for many years now – ♥ FULL FORCE AHEAD, I ALREADY SEE IT ON EVERYONE

29.  Excel in the permanent cosmetics industry and assist individuals to     experience multi-dimensional transformations – ♥ INEVITABLE 

30.  Sing as often as I can outside of my home – ♥ HARNESSING THE COURAGE

31.  Speak on behalf of those who walk with us in silence – ♥ I WILL DIE TRYING

32.  Move into a loft to facilitate all my creative outlets.  More wall space for my paintings to hang on, would be phenomenal – ♥ MANIFESTO 

33.  Purchase my first battery running vehicle, a TESLA,to use as a business car – ♥ MANIFESTO 


35.  Prove that money is not the root of all evil – ♥ TRYING IS TRY-UMPH

36.  Collaborate with other passionate, aligned and talented artists to create my first documentary – ♥ MANIFESTO 

37.  Never lose sight of my vision – ♥ NEVER

38.  Have a REAL talk with Joe Rogan on his podcast and provoke the thoughts of others.  Comfort is best when temporary – ♥ I AM A MEME MAKING MACHINE!

39.  Speak and be heard on as many podcasts as I could possibly do from now until my last breathe.  Let’s dive deeper and deeper, see how many souls we can retrieve – ♥ FIRST ONE DONE, MANY MORE TO GO =)

40.  Encourage Lightworkers near and far to unite – ♥ This must happen




2017 – I, Nguyen Thi The Oanh declare that 2017 will be my breakthrough year

41.  Shift my sleep patterns from night focussed to day focused –  ♥ This Vampire needs to embody a powerful daytime routine

42.  Start doing Tarot readings for anyone who is in need of insight and guidance –  ♥ My tarot study journey started in 2014 and by summer of 2017 I will be ready to offer readings to others

43.  Become a certified life coach by summer of 2017 –  ♥ One step at a time, all the pieces will come together

44.  Paint a self-portrait –  ♥ The foundation has been established

45.  Do my first self-choreographed, solo burlesque performance.  This will be my second solo number ever  ♥ I am excited, to say the least.

46.  Book my first public speaking gig which will be a catalyst for greater opportunities ♥ This is one of my missions in life and it will be done

47.  Speak at my first TEDx conference & kickstart my public speaking career –  ♥ Two nights ago I spent 5 hours researching and applying to 6 different TEDx events

48.  Establish & Solidify myself as the worlds FIRST and ONLY Multidimensional Transformation Coach (MTC)  –  ♥ I have everything it takes and will not stop at anything 😉

49.  Be a BADASS as making lots of cash money –  ♥ Thanks Taylor for creating the book club community to keep us connected with others on the same path

50.  Attend Mr. JT Foxx’s event in DisneyLand –  ♥ Flights have been booked and November is right around the corner

51.  Hone in on my gift as a psychic medium –  ♥ Believe me or not, this is who I am!

52.  Be a solid support for women & girls to take on more leadership roles –  ♥ I am here for YOU.

53.  Become full time self-employed  –  ♥ On the right path to accomplishing this goal

54.  Officiate my first wedding  –  ♥ So honoured to be the chosen oanh for the beautiful Parker family’s wedding in such a way