Meet Sky LaRose

Sky LaRose is (ME x 11) an artist, art enthusiast and host of  “Keep’n it REAL…Artsy Fartsy with Sky LaRose”.  Her main focus is to keep it real in her mostly improv interviews with local (but not limited to) artist/creators/entrepreneurs/pioneers of our time, of all genres and further examine what art means to each unique perspective.  The idea is, there will be ONE short video, THREE takes, SEVEN questions and NO editing with bloopers and all.  Sky LaRose is spontaneous, witty, charming, silly and sassy.  She’s funny with absolutely no intentions to offend and loves to make people laugh with her and at her.  So please join Sky and the countless artists of beautiful British Columbia, unveil the limitless meaning of ART!


Susie Lee and Sky Sky LaRose enforce the message of NEVER GIVING UP while having fun and celebrating life!!!


Galen and Sky set the bar!!!  Enjoy, comment, like and subscribe please and thank you!  Xoxo

Much love to Bartakus who helped make this teaser video for all to enjoy!  Stay tuned…new videos will be posted once a week, every humpday =)