Weekly Dares



Every Sunday, I will post a challenge for myself to accomplish and ask that you participate in doing the same.  One can take on the challenge for a day during that particular week, the whole week, a month, a year, perhaps it may become something habitual and is forever instilled into your everyday living.  Remember friends, the only limits are the ones we create for ourselves.  The point is that we TRY because the act of TRYING in and of itself is in fact TRIUMPH.   Dares will vary in degrees of “difficulty” and covering anything and everything depending on what inspires me that week.  There will be no harm done to oneself and to others, JUST goodness through and through.  Oh happy days…

I would love to hear about your experiences of implementing these dares into your daily life, so please feel free to email me your thoughts, feedback and possible dare ideas.  Oh and be joyous.

Sunday, October 24th, 2017

I DARE YOU to collaborate on a project with someone that you respect and vice versa.  Let your creativity propell each other in a way that would not otherwise be achievable alone.

Sunday, October 17th, 2017

I DARE YOU to put yourself out there in a way that scares you but knowing that by doing so, you will have so much to gain and grow from the experience.

Sunday, October 10th, 2017

I DARE YOU to pull the trigger and invest in yourself, whatever that means to you.  INVEST in your future, INVEST in yourself.  I believe in you!

Sunday, October 3rd, 2017

I DARE YOU to get creative and think of ALL the possibilities.  Get out of your own way so that you can manifest all that you desire!  You got this!

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

I DARE YOU to open up another stream of income into your life.  Turn a passion into profit, turn a hobbie into a product you can sell on etsy.   Do your due dilligence and let that money flow into your life!

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

I DARE YOU to try a new form of workout, be it kickboxing, yoga, acro yoga, jiu Jitsu, bootcamp or swimming.  Try something new and challenging, you might just fall in love with it.

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

I DARE YOU to try coconut bliss.  It’s a delicious alternative to ice cream made from dairy and I absolutely love it…probably a little too much.

Sunday, August 6th, 2017

I DARE YOU to make yourself a homemade salad dressing.  Just whip something fast up with the ingredients that you have and enjoy.

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

I DARE YOU to wake up each morning with the knowledge of SELF WORTH!  Give thanks to yourself for being who you are.  Strive to be the best version of you and be kind to yourself and others.

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

I DARE YOU to live the life you want for yourself & loved ones.  You have the power to make manifest all your wildest dreams.  If there is an undying will there is always a way!  Get it, baby, I have faith in you!  Sending you my love from Punta Cana.

Screenshot_2017-07-23-17-23-36 (1)

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

I DARE YOU to honour the water we drink.  It is finite and so are we.   We are one!

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

I DARE YOU to use organic coconut oil from head to toe.  I seriously lather this coconutty goodness on every inch of my body and I LOVE IT!!!  You will too once you see how soft it makes your skin.   Silky skin Goddess!

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017

I DARE YOU to CHOOSE HAPPINESS!  I’m sure I’ve already posted this “dare” before but it’s worth the reminder =)  Happy days to all!

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

I DARE YOU to have higher goals and aspirations because you are aware of your worth!  I believe in you, my loves.

Sunday, June 18th, 2017

I DARE YOU to cut down your meat consumption.  Even in the slightest, meat isn’t actually good for you to eat in large quantities.  Besides there are soooo many delicious fruits in the world.  The Earths natural candy for us.

Sunday, June 11th, 2017

I DARE YOU to be high on LIFE <3

Sunday, June 4th, 2017

I DARE YOU to dance away all your sorrows.  Dancing is known to be healthy for your mind, body and soul.

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

I DARE YOU to stop drinking pop completely.  If you need that carbonated liquid perhaps opt for kombucha which is a healthy alternative.

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

I DARE YOU to try out a new restaurant in town.  There are so many amazing restaurants in Vancouver yet it’s so easy to go to our favorite ones.  You just never know what you’ll discover when you try something new =)  Bon appetite!

Sunday, May 14th, 2017

I DARE YOU to drink a glass of lemon water each morning to start your day.  Lemon water is actually alkaline water which has proven to be good for our gut hence good for our body.  Stay happy and healthy, beauties.

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

I DARE YOU to speak to a stranger on a bus, sky train, coffee shop, at a lineup or anywhere in public.  We get so caught up in the virtual world that we forget where we are sometimes.  Just say hi =)

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

I DARE YOU to take a leap of faith.

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

I DARE YOU to follow your heart without a shadow of a doubt.  I promise there will always be an exciting path awaiting you.  Regardless the outcome, the journey will be worth it!

Sunday, April 16th, 2017

I DARE YOU to be an artist when it comes to problem-solving.  This will help you think outside of the box and come up with a creative solution =)

Sunday, April 9th, 2017

I DARE YOU to choose kindness, especially when it comes to who you are to YOURSELF.  It’s so easy to be hard on ourselves which makes it that much more important to be empathetic for other’s and our own situation so that we can continue to grow and thrive.

Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

I DARE YOU to take on a new challenge to conquer in your life.  GO GET EM!

Sunday, March 26th, 2017

I DARE YOU to give up coffee for a week if you are dependent on caffeine.  Be creative and make a different drink that will offer you energy AND nourishment =)

Sunday, March 19th, 2017

I DARE YOU to scan your body in a loving way and remind yourself of what you love most about how you look.  Be kind and be honest.  Remember you were made perfectly and maintaining a healthy body is what’s important.

Sunday, March 12th, 2017

I DARE YOU to experience highs and lows with the willingness to let go of all that no longer serves you.

Sunday, March 5th, 2017

I DARE YOU to face your fears…whatever you decide to do after that…is up to you, my loves

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

I DARE YOU to tap into your inner peace and discover the wisdom you are meant to know today.

Sunday, February 19th, 2017

I DARE YOU to find opportunities, (even if it’s for a minute) to meditate and focus on your breathe.  There is a calmness that you can visit at any given moment to gain clarity.  Use this to your advantage, moving you closer to your dreams.

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

I DARE YOU to smile at someone who may appear to be grumpy or having a bad day.  Even if they may not smile back…you just sent them your kind intention and you won’t know how your smile could possibly uplift their spirit.

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

I DARE YOU to give away a material(s) item you know you’ve been hanging onto for too long…purging is always a great way to clear the space so that something new can enter into your world.  So do it, my loves.

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

Yesterday was the celebration of Vietnamese and Chinese new year.  Chúc Mừng Năm Mới ♡ I DARE YOU to take control of your year and make 2017 your best year ever.  Keep the momentum flowing and keep on rocking baby!  You got this 😀

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Everybody dies…but not everybody lives.  I DARE YOU to LIVE!!!  Live a life that you love…but you gotta earn it, sweet darlings.

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

I DARE YOU read my first inspirational post of 2017.  You can do so by going into the monthly inspirational post section and select January’s blog.  I hope you take the time to read and enjoy.

Sunday, January 8th, 2017

I DARE YOU to silence your mind so your heart can listen…

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

I DARE YOU to be so enthralled with life that your natural default is being IN LOVE with all that there is to experience.  Life truly is as beautiful as we make it & I wish that you choose to make yours as stunning as possible.  May 2017 be as magnificant as you are!

Sunday, December 18th, 2016

I DARE YOU to use your voice and speak up on behalf of moral justice in any way you feel most confident doing so.  Now more then ever we need to stand up for what is right.  Stay strong and loving, beauties.

Sunday, December 11th, 2016

I DARE YOU to handcraft a Christmas gift to your friend(s) instead of buying something.  Creating creates confidence and I am confident that the recipient of your handmade gift would appreciate the sentiment of your time and effort put into making the present.  If not, well then maybe you need to reevaluate who you surround yourself with…

Sunday, December 4th, 2016

I DARE YOU to trade the elevator for stairs.  Do this for one week and see how you feel =)  Stay happy and healthy my loves.

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

I DARE YOU to reach out to someone who you feel may need a little extra attention or love.  Even if life seems to be moving at a faster pace.  That person you choose to slow down for just a moment. would certainly appreciate your attentiveness and care.

Sunday, November 20th, 2016

I DARE YOU to use social media to exclusively post only positive messages even if you may be having a bad day.  Look at the brighter side and focus your energy and share that thought instead of the negative one that may be easier to identify with in that moment in time.

Sunday, November 13th, 2016

I DARE YOU to take up a new hobby.  Anything at all that might interest you, just do it, try it and you will love the change.  If not, move on to the next =)

Sunday, November 6th, 2016

I DARE YOU to take on the ultimate challenge of recognizing your ego in its glory and choosing to shed it in layers so that your true spirit and highest self can shine.  This is no easy task.  Those who dare, wins!!!

Sunday, November 6th, 2016♥  

I DARE YOU to listen to my friend Ryan and I speak about HIS experience with deliberate abstinence!  Stay sexy and safe my loves.

EP084: My Stint with No Sex, No Dating | Ryan and Oanh

Sunday, October 30th, 2016♥  

I DARE you to reject exterior expectations and live your life the way you want.  The way that will lead you to your happiness without harming others.

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016♥  

I DARE YOU to DARE to live it up.  Chase your dreams and remember, trying IS triumph!!!  Yolo baby!

Sunday, October 16th, 2016♥  

I DARE YOU to make sure your overall health is at it’s optimum, with no exceptions.

Sunday, October 9th, 2016♥  

I DARE YOU to take a walk on the wild side and be bold about something in your life.  This act of courage will feed your body full of adrenaline and spark a fire from within that you may have forgotten, even exists.  Live…life…I love you

Sunday, October 2nd, 2016♥  

I was enjoying the beautiful day after my turning of ONE (31)  with friends and the internet was not even an after thought =)

Sunday, September 25th, 2016♥  

I DARE YOU to LOVE thy self, UNCONDITIONALLY.  Period.  Xoxo

Sunday, September 18th, 2016♥  

I DARE YOU to sing out loud like nobody is around but everyone is listening…Laalaaala ♥  Mmm…soul soothing

Sunday, September 11th, 2016♥  

I DARE YOU to brew your own batch of Kombucha if you’ve never done it before.  I will be soon and I can’t wait to try it for myself whoohoo!!!  Here’s a video on how =)

Sunday September 4th 2016♥  

I was out of town and without reception…best time ever!

Sunday August 28th 2016♥  

I DARE YOU to take a listen of my very first podcast interview with the amazing Ryan Thomas about my journey through DELIBERATE ABSTINENCE & how it led me to my inner peace and happiness far sooner then I anticipated.  Please comment if my experience or what we spoke about resonated with you!  Do enjoy the REAL Talk!

EP055 – Abstinence | Oanh Love

Sunday August 21st 2016♥   

I DARE YOU to pay attention to your breathe…hone in on the rhythm of your heart and INHALE Universal LIFE Force…EXHALING ALL that no longer serves you.  Life is constant and so is our healing!  Be happy and healthy my loves.

Sunday August 14th 2016♥   

I DARE YOU to be FEARLESS with me my loves…Shed your ego and be bare…allow your spirit to shine through all the LIES our society has blinded us with.  Can you see beyond the veil of deception?!?!  REAL EYES, REALIZE, REAL LIES my love.  Tupac said it best 😀  Stay happy and healthy…I LOVE YOU!!!

Sunday August 7th 2016♥  

I DARE YOU to always always be kind to others and especially to oneself.

Sunday July 31st 2016♥

I DARE YOU to be bold and TRY SOMETHING you’ve always wanted to do but was too afraid of “failing”.  The act of trying IS try-umph!!!  You’ve got to believe this sweetie!!!

Sunday July 24th 2016♥

I DARE YOU to let the sun melt away allll your woes…Be happy my loves

Sunday July 17th 2016♥


Sunday July 10th 2016

Shit was hitting the fan…

Sunday July 3rd 2016

I DARE YOU to live in the NOW sweet darlings.

Sunday June 26th 2016

OOPS! Looks like being in class took over my thoughts…

Sunday June 19th 2016

I DARE YOU to stop wondering and start discovering!!!  The Universe is magical…go see for yourself my loves.

Sunday June 12th 2016

I DARE YOU to find your calm, in the eye of the storm.

Sunday June 5th 2016

I DARE YOU to reconnect.  Whether it be reconnecting with old friends/loves or reconnecting with your inner child or higher self.  I believe it is important to reconnect with your roots.  As we grow and develop ourselves, it is not only humbling but important to be reminded of where we came from.  Stay true to yourself & Happy Sunday to YOU sweet darling.  This dare is dedicated to all the loves of my life.  Thank you for being with me, I cherish each and every one of your souls.

Sunday May 28th 2016

I DARE YOU to get out of your own way and get what you want in life.  Make the choice and act with conviction!  What ever you desire is yours for the taking.  Remember to always be kind my loves.  Stay BOLD and beautiful.

Sunday May 22nd 2016

OOPS…I was busy getting inspired at the first Dreamtalks in Vancouver =)

Sunday May 15th 2016

I DARE YOU to really challenge your own capabilities and aim higher then you normally would.  Whatever goals and aspirations you have made for yourself, let’s amplify that and push harder and further…you can achieve anything you work smart for!!!  Happy Sunday beauties.

Sunday May 8th 2016

Happy Mother’s day to ALL the beautiful, powerful and loving woman out there. Your service to humanity is deeply appreciated & your children will become/are great contributors to our community because of YOU…I am grateful to have you in my life in one way or another.

Sunday May 1st 2016

I DARE YOU to remain kind to yourself.  Time has a way of flying by when your having fun and keeping busy so sometimes we don’t always get done what we intend on by a certain time frame.  Remember it’s okay, the month of April flew by and I still haven’t posted my inspirational post yet but I’m not gonna be hard on myself.  I’ll post it when I’m ready too even if it comes a bit late =)  Life happens, live in the moment my loves.

Sunday April 24th 2016

I DARE YOU to stay fricken AWESOME and OWN IT!!!  Happy Sunday my loves.

Sunday April 17th 2016

I DARE YOU to take on a new and healthier lifestyle challenge in your life.  It can be something simple like having a glass of organic lemon water first thing in the morning or as difficult as taking on the Master Cleanse for 10 days.  The point is to remove yourself from your comfort or resist from stale habits and move on out of your boundaries because personal expansion can only take place when we explore the unknown and grow!  Stay happy and healthy my loves.

Sunday April 10th 2016

I DARE YOU to take a moment and look at the mirror…gaze into your own eyes…How do you feel?!  What do you see?!  Take a deep cleansing breathe and tell yourself you are enough and that your wish, is your command!

Sunday April 3rd 2016

I DARE YOU to collaborate artistically with another brilliant mind(s) to create something amazing together.  Perhaps this may mean collaborating with two other powerful, talented and passionate women at the park or with a musically inclined man.  What ever floats your boat just move with the waves my loves.  Sending my creative flow your way 😉

Sunday March 27th 2016

I DARE YOU to choose happiness.  I’m sure I’ve made this dare at some point before but it’s always a good thing to be reminded of.  I understand the difficulties of making this decision when we are down and out, depressed, stressed, frustrated or feeling lost but remember that after those emotions subside, you will regain your strength, clarity and will to move forward, happy!!!  The choice is surely up to you my love.  Blessed be, one love!

Sunday March 20th 2016

I DARE YOU to give up a vice for something NICE!!!  Personally, I have decided after 13 years (on and off) to give up smoking cannabis solo and only do it on very rare occasions with friends.  I have come to the conclusion that it is no longer serving me and thus I must part ways with this plant and start a new bond with a different plant, the magnificent Moringa Oleifera, also known as the MIRACLE TREE.  My desire to transition into the health and wellness industry has sparked my fire to lead a healthier eating habit/lifestyle and getting the munchies is not gonna cut it.  My journey has begun, change is constant and I’m excited for this new challenge in my life.  May we all proper together!!!  Be happy and healthy my loves.

Sunday March 13th 2016

I DARE YOU to kick up your feet, revel in your accomplishments and relaaax baby, you earned it!!!

Sunday March 6th 2016

I DARE YOU to stay bold and beautiful my loves.  I will be reciting this to myself this coming Saturday night before I get to check off two things from my Self Indulgence List.  Wanna guess what it might be?   It’ll be my first time experiencing both activity and I’ll be doing them back to back…WOWZA…I’m nervous =/  ROCK ON BABY!

Sunday February 28th 2016

Allen DARES YOU to look into someones eyes and smile.  It really can be that simple.

Sunday February 21st 2016

I DARE YOU to keep that laughter going my love.  Even when it feels like your constantly getting hit with blows left, right and center.  These are the times that laughter is most important, it will heal your soul and keep your frequency at a higher level.  Life is just too beautiful to surrender yourself to the void of negativity that will suck you in and suck you dry of your divine life energy.  Just remember you must respect ALL your emotions, let them process and then simply pass like water under a bridge =)  Keep smiling sweetness, you are gorgeous inside and out…I love you

Sunday February 14th 2016

I DARE YOU to take a leap of faith.  In which ever direction your heart yearns to follow, just do it.  This will be challenging and it’s gonna take you completely out of your comfort zone.  However, when it does and you learn to adapt, amazing things will follow.  Life requires us to make sacrifices sometimes, I recently made a change that has caused a huge financial cut back for the sake of happiness and I am so grateful for what has come out of it.  I am genuinely living my dream, I may not be as financially well off (for now) but you see, I measure my wealth by quality of life.  I’m the wealthiest I’ve ever been and because of this wealth, I know everything else will fall into place if I continue to be led by my passions…You have my moral support to do what makes you happy.  Be happy my loves.  Happy heart day to you.  Also, I just realized tomorrow will mark a full year that I’ve been writing up dares almost every Sundays, so this “dare” could not have been more suiting because at that time I took a leap of faith to share myself in a way I never have before…what a special moment for me right here, right now.  Thank you for being here with me.  XOXO

Sunday February 7th 2016

I DARE YOU to make yourself smile.  In any way you feel suiting because when you smile, you become this beacon of light my loves =)  Your beautiful and you know it!!!

Sunday January 31st 2016

ALLEN DARES YOU to open up about the reasons for why one may say “I’m sorry” or express why one would be thankful.  It’s always refreshing hear someone take responsibility and feel remorseful for their actions and I think it’s even more important to let those you love, know why they are loved.  It will warm up our hearts to hear why we are appreciated =)   Thanks Allen for sharing your dare with all of us…Keep them coming friends.  Until next Sunday, blessed be my loves.

Sunday January 24th 2016

I DARE YOU to deflect negativity and convert that energy into a positive force which will serve you.  These skills are empowering and will help get you far in life my love, I promise.

Sunday January 17th 2016

I DARE YOU to share with someone what you love and admire about the opposite sex.  This dare was inspired by the work of my friends amazing company called Intimate Lifestyle.  Spread the love my friends.

Sunday January 10th 2016

I DARE YOU to completely dominate 2016 with me!

Sunday January 3rd 2016

I DARE YOU to not care about what other people may think of you and to care more about your environment and surroundings.

Sunday December 27th 2015

I DARE YOU to LIVE and let LIVE.  Whatever that may mean to you, perhaps it’s making the choice to be vegan or accepting and allowing others to live as they please.  And if how they please is not at your best interest, then let them pass like water under the bridge.  At this point in my life I only want healthy relationships, open and honest ones where COMMUNICATION is vital.  I cherish connections that matter, so if it’s easier for you to go, then I won’t ask you to stay.  And if it’s too hard for you to stay, then I will ask you to go.  Stay happy and healthy my loves.

Sunday December 20th 2015

I DARE YOU to STOP living vicariously through others.  Regardless in what way, just stop it.  It seems like that is exactly what social media is designed to do.  I mean, why are we watching videos of everyday people going to places and doing things we wish to be doing.  These “dares” are meant to help you LIVE your life to it’s fullest potential and if you find yourself online perhaps this is a place you can find inspiration from =)    If you really wana be bold, please help me raise $3000 so WE can build a home for a family living in slums of Nicaragua.  The link is above and below for your convenience…Thanks for the consideration and I hope to make a massive impact with you.  Stay beautiful my loves.

Sunday December 13th 2015

I DARE YOU to take a look at my campaign with CHANGE HEROES and PLEASE make a contribution =)  Every dollar will get us closer to our goal =)  Thank you my loves and blessed be.


Sunday December 6th 2015

Oops…another Sunday slipped right on by.  I hope your Sunday was as wonderful as mine, if not MORE wonderful =)  Love ya

Sunday November 30th 2015

I DARE YOU to do as Bruce Lee so wisely advised us.  ” Empty your mind…Be formless, shapeless, like water.  If you put it into a cup, it becomes the cup.  You put it into a bottle, it becomes the bottle.  You put it into a teapot, it becomes the teapot.  Water can flow or it can crash.  Be water my friend”.  1<3

Sunday November 22nd 2015

I DARE YOU to get together with your awesome friends and go for a beautiful bike ride around the sea wall in this brisk weather.  We truly live in a magical city and the clean air we get to fill our lungs up, is a gift to humanity.  Let us work together to keep the oxygen we breath in,clean and pure.

Sunday November 15th 2015

I DARE YOU to please help me raise $1,137.00 to help feed our low income families and the homeless in downtown Vancouver.  Our goal at WCS is to raise these funds by December 14th, 2015 so we can have the event of giving before Christmas.  Let us take care of our people.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Blessed be my loves.

Sunday November 8th 2015

I DARE YOU to open your life and world up to new love.  Whatever that love may mean to you, perhaps it’s a new hobby, a new art piece, a new relationship or even a new animal family member.  I waited about eight years before I felt ready enough to open my heart and home for my new love.  I am so excited, I can’t wait to meet her =D

Sunday November 1st 2015

I DARE YOU to join me in this very moment, close your eyes and count your blessings with me, like meow….Feel better?  I do…It can be easy to forget these things in the chaos of life but rest assure that what ever distress you may be experiencing now, that too will pass.  Stay calm, keep your eye on the prize and continue expressing your passion.   Stay bold and beautiful my loves.

Sunday October 25th 2015

I DARE YOU to take a stand and cut off any negative energy source in your life.  As an example, like how the majority joined forces and got rid of Harper.  Yes, this can be a challenging task but once it’s done you will thank yourself and probably say “Good RIDDANCE”.  I know that’s what I said 😉  Happy Sunday Funday to all.

Sunday October 18th 2015

The days blend into each other when your working everyday…oopsies

Sunday October 11th 2015

I DARE YOU to keep on doin what your doin baby, your doing great!!!  One Love!

Sunday October 4th 2015

I DARE YOU to try bouldering.  Not only was it great fun and physically challenging it was also a great reminder of where I want to be, which is with my friends trying new things as often as possible.  Stay Happy and healthy my loves.

Sunday September 27th 2015

I DARE YOU to TRY something new…just do it without fear of failure!  I did today and my life will never be the same moving forward.  It’s all for the best truly.  Remember my loves TRYING IS TRIUMPH!

Sunday September 20th 2015

I DARE YOU to share (with the world or just start with one person like I did) a secret talent or passion that you have but have been reluctant to express before because maybe you were too shy or didn’t have enough confidence or desire, until NOW.  Let all that self oppression or doubt go and shine like the bright star that you are.  Do it my loves…I believe in YOU!

Sunday September 13th 2015

I DARE YOU to make a list of your goals and aspirations.  I know you already know that writing your dreams down on paper is one of the first steps that can actually help you make them become reality but sometimes we all need a little reminder and extra push.  So here it is.  Now step away from your electronic device(s), grab your pen and pad and be inspired while you jot away 😉  Keep this list of attainable dreams in constant sight as your own encouragement to continue your pursuit to happiness.  Believe you can achieve, act on it and the rest is yours for the taking.  Happy Sunday my loves.

Sunday September 6th 2015♥

I DARE YOU to have a kick ass week!!!  Salute, to a beautiful life!

Sunday August 30th 2015♥

I DARE YOU to harness your inner fire and take actio8n.  Now that we’ve soaked in all the fun in the sun, we mustn’t let this great energy dissipate.  Gather your thoughts and make something happen whether it be journaling, crafting, cooking, or pulling strings to start your own youtube channel.  Whatever the case just DO IT =)  Happy Sunday and see you next week.

Sunday August 23rd 2015♥

I DARE YOU to reach out.  Whether it be reaching for the stars because nothing amazing in life comes easily or reaching out to an acquaintance or complete stranger.  In the last few weeks I found myself taking the initiative to make contact with both men and woman who I don’t really know and offering my support.  After all, I am encouraging a world of togetherness so this very reason is what’s been helping me overcome my “shyness” because believe it or not I am an introvert who has become an extrovert over the years, I am an omnivert if you will ;D

Here’s a little story I wana share which inspired this weeks dare.  Coming home from Vietnam I was rerouted to Tokyo since my flight was delayed.  On the plane I had a brief encounter with a gentlemen that made me feel inclined to do something I’ve never done before.  Ask a man out for dinner lol…I was reluctant at first because I promised myself I would welcome my next birthday single but the warmth of his smile made him endearing enough for me to reach out.  The act of reaching out went far beyond the intention of two people getting to know each other but on a personal level this was evidence that I am evolving, that the stubborn is dissolving and the once stubbornly independent woman is now just independent but OPEN and reaching out to love.  WOW!!!  This experience is the cherry on top of my already life changing trip.  To come to this point in my life is beyond words, I have a new take on life and I’m stoked about it.  You never know how profound a simple act may be for the receiver or the doer or both and this is a prime example.  I gained so much out of this but the date itself haha, unfortunately he lives in Japan, just my luck I know but I am so happy I did it because I don’t want to leave this life asking “What if?!”.  David IF your reading this I hope you feel fuzzy inside =)  Keep smiling and thank you for emanating a warmth this world needs more of,  I wish you well in love and life.

Be the FIRST to share your story of reaching out and you might just gain a little something from Vietnam =)  Until next Sunday, stay bold and beautiful my loves.

Sunday August 16th 2015♥

I DARE YOU to accept all that is meant to be no matter how hard.  In this time of healing I’ve come to realize how important not only forgiveness and releasing negative energy is but also how critical it is for one to accept truths.   The hardest truths to deal with are the ones we must learn to accept the most.  It can be heartbreaking but sometimes in life, (as we all know) we just can’t always get what we want and no matter how hard we try to build a solid relationship with someone, that relationship may not ever come to be, even if bounded by blood.  Accepting these realities will help you move on and focus on what’s important which is making sure YOU take care of your own well being in order to save yourself before you can save anyone else.  There is no sense in putting forth effort where it is unappreciated.

I will be coming home soon with goodies from Vietnam to share.  So the FIRST person to comment on my Facebook post in regards to this weeks dare gets a little sweet something something that will hopefully serve you well on your journey through this brief and blessed existence.  May we all live a conscious life with no regrets my love.  Make mistakes and learn from every one of them!  I love you.  Salute.

Sunday August 9th 2015♥

So I’m still away and lost track of time ;D

Sunday August 2nd 2015 

I DARE YOU to try a new type of fruit, of the exotic type.  Make a trip to TNT or an Asian grocery store and try mangosteen, it’s so delicious and neat looking or star fruit, great for garnish or tossed into a fruit salad.  If you wana be a real G, give durian a try.  Though I do forewarn you, durian has been known to smell like hell but taste like heaven, it also looks wicked knarly 🙂  Definitely all worth a try at least once in this lifetime, enjoy my sweetness.

Sunday July 26th 2015  ♥

I DARE YOU to have your fruit for breakfast or before a big meal.  This is one of the simplest ways to change your eating habits for health benefits.   The reason is because when fruit is ingested after a meal, it sits at the top of your stomach waiting to get digested and in that time it is fermenting which creates an acidic environment.  This is where cancer cells thrive.  So when you can, try to eat your fruits first and give it some time to digest before you have your feast.  Trust me, this is especially difficult for me now because there is so many delicious exotic fruits here in Vietnam ;D

Sunday, July 19th 2015 ♥

I DARE YOU to stay committed to whatever it is that you committed yourself to because chances are, whatever it is, it’s for the better (if not, figure it out)  Like for example now, I am exhausted from having a lot of fun in the sun and camping with only beautiful souls.  All I want to do is have shower and crash however I made a commitment to post a new dare every Sunday and as long as I remember to, I will follow through with it. So so should you =)  Be happy my loves.

Sunday, July 12th 2015  ♥

I DARE YOU to let go of the idea of TIME, if even just for brief moments in your life.  The purpose is to relieve yourself of the stresses created by this man made illusion we call time.  This may seem to not make any sense due to the fact that almost everything we do in life revolves around getting something done by a certain time.   For example the pressure we (sometimes others) put on ourselves to be married and have kids or to start a new business endeavor or to have X amount of dollars saved up within a particular time frame, the list goes on.  I say f*ck it!  I am consciously trying to approach all these milestones in my life in a different way.  It`s not to say that I think we shouldn`t  set goals to accomplish sooner then later or that we should be irresponsible.  This challenge is meant to help you take the tension off yourself when life does not pan out the way you expect it to.  Remember that it`s okay and cherish what you do have in your life at this very moment, abundance my love, you just have to want to see it otherwise you will only turn a blind eye.  I strive to live fully in the present moment, staying true to my path, having faith that everything will unfold as it should and reminding myself that time is just an illusion and ceases to exist anywhere else in the Universe.  Our Father Sun rises and sets upon us to keep us in sync with Mother Nature, so we can learn to live harmoniously with the environment.   Because of this, may we all live in peace with ourselves so this healing energy can emanate back to the Universe, our Universe.

Sunday, July 5th 2015  ♥

I DARE YOU to cut all the plastic can holders that you come across whether it came from your six/eight pack or ones you found on the ground.  With our summer heat invoking more thirst quenching beverages, we can’t forget (even if we may be under the influence) that these death traps can and do end up in our lively ocean.  I’ve been picking them off the ground every single time I see one and even dug through a garbage bin because I noticed a few plastic can holders that were not getting cut before being tossed out.  Remember it’s ALL about preventative measures my friends, let’s take care of our the animals we share the environment with.  Our conscious minds will make all the difference in the world.  XOXO

Sunday, June 28th 2015  ♥

I DARE YOU to reread and act on the previous dares that you may have found challenging at that time to take on.  Do it now, again even.  I know for myself forgiving and releasing has been hard and so I will be focusing more energy on this.  Have fun in the sun beauties.

Sunday, June 21st 2015  ♥

I DARE YOU to stop making excuses for not putting yourself first!  We often fall into bad habits or quickly and easily say “I’m too busy” or “it’s too hard”.  What ever tired excuse YOU make up for yourself, it really just sounds like this to me, “Blah blah f*cking blah!”  If you want something, then GET IT!  It’s yours for the taking!  If you want to feel a certain way, then DO what it takes to embody that emotion.  Remember you know yourself best, so stop second guessing yourself and put YOU first.  Always be kind to yourself as well.  I love you and happy father’s day to all the amazing men out there with a child who needs you.  You are the roof that makes a house a home!

Sunday, June 14th 2015 

Life got hectic for me but when in the future this happens again I DARE YOU to revisit a past challenge and take it on!!!

Sunday, June 7th 2015 ♥

WE DARE YOU (Dino & I) to pay it forward.  Share a random act of kindness with a stranger.  Whether it be you buying a coffee for a person behind you in the line up, or walking an old lady across the street, giving a street artist your token of appreciation or taking the time to acknowledge another persons presence.

Sunday, May 31st 2015 ♥

I DARE YOU to be DILIGENT, with what ever it is that you commit yourself to, maybe it’s even being diligent with keeping up with the weekly dares ;D.  As I am constantly evolving, it’s become apparent to me that more often then not, we fall through on commitments we make to ourselves.  This is usually the result of (but not limited to) our impatience when it comes to getting what we desire and having to experience progress over time.  We now live in a world of instant gratification and forget to enjoy the journey as it pans out, every step is a lesson.  Nothing good in life that will stand the test of time comes easy or without diligence and perseverance.  I’m not talking about what is tangible, what I am talking about is for you to realize when you dare to dive inward.  So my friends, let us be diligent in our ways to attain the quality of life in which we choose to live.  I wish you well always.

Sunday, May 24th 2015 ♥

I DARE YOU to make a telephone CALL to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while or have been thinking of.  We forget how easy it is to have a conversation and to hear each others voices.  I love talking on the phone when it’s appropriate but even I don’t make phone calls as much as I’d like over text messaging.  So basically if you have my number, call me from time to time 😀  Would love to hear from you…

Sunday, May 17th 2015 ♥

I DARE YOU to fill up an empty glass jar or water/pop bottle (ideally around 500ml) and place it in the toilet tank, in an area that will not disrupt the flushing.  This will help reduce the amount of water used per flush.  Statistic show that the average human (according to the World Toilet Organization (WTO),) uses a toilet 2,500 times year, or six to eight times daily . However, not all toilet uses are followed by a flush.  With older toilets using from 3.5, 5, or even up to 7 gallons of water with every flush, YIKES!!  Now, I’m no math wizard but that’s A LOT of water usage and being the water lover that I am, I came up with the simplest way anyone and everyone can reduce their water consumption,  You literally do it ONCE and forget it.  It took me only 30.4 seconds and now I’m set with yet another I way I control and reduce my water usage.  Imagine collectively and as an individual how much water we can save with every flush!?!?  Call me a what you want but the potential is so exciting to me.  Remember my loves, running fresh water is FINITE and not everyone has access to clean water to drink let alone flush away.  May we think of the many lives who live in poverty and in their honor let us treat water as the SACRED ELEMENT OF LIFE THAT IT IS!!!  Thank you in advance for caring.  I love you so!


For more fun facts check out:  http://www.worldometers.info/view/toilets/

For more ways to conserve our precious water check out: http://www.conserveh2o.org/indoor-water-conservation-tips

Sunday, May 10th 2015 ♥

I DARE YOU to give a stranger or someone less familiar a genuine complement.  Whether he/she is the same sex as you or opposite, just tell that person you think they look lovely because you truly think so.  Sure it can be hard sometimes to get out of your self created bubble to speak with someone you don’t know, let a lone tell that person you think they look great.  But it can be as simple as you being in a coffee shop and saying “Excuse me but I just wanted to let you know I think you look amazing when your smiling” or ” hey…sweet shades bro, I like your style” and continue on your way through life.  There is always an opportunity to put a smile on someones face to brighten their day with the power of your honest and kind words.  If this has happened to you, then you know exactly how it made you feel right??  C’mon let’s spread the love y’all and it WILL come back around to you.

Sunday, May 3rd 2015 ♥

I DARE YOU to HUG like you mean it.  Embrace this person with your soul and hug HEART to HEART.  This means for both people to direct their body to the right of each other, so that both hearts beat together as one when in contact.  You will FEEL the instant change this will make in such a beautiful form of physical contact and affection.  I want a hug from YOU next time I see your lovely face.

Sunday, April 26th 2015 ♥

I DARE YOU to stay committed with FORGIVING & RELEASING.  I feel so strongly about this challenge that I want to give it more time to really soak in and to support those who need the encouragement to continue down this healing path.  Happiness is a choice and when we make the effort to count our blessings and let go of our baggage we will gain that balance.  Stay strong my loves and be happy okay.  Blessed be.

Sunday, April 19th 2015 ♥

I DARE YOU to FORGIVE & RELEASE all that no longer serves you whether it be material item/s, emotions or even a relationship that is just not healthy in one way or another.  This can be a daunting/difficult task and may take some time to complete, depending on what your letting go.  Just remember that the end result will be a huge weight off your shoulders, giving you the power to focus your energy where it will be perpetuated as opposed to only being absorbed.   I am currently going through this experience and the desire alone is thrilling and peaceful at the same time.  Enjoy and savor the process, it’ll make it that much better when you say your sweet good bye.

Sunday, April 12th 2015 ♥

Oh dear I’m just realizing now I missed a week =/  Oops, life gets busy what can I say.

Sunday, April 5th 2015 ♥

I DARE YOU to germinate seeds of a plant you love that will thrive in your space.  I haven’t done this in so long and recently got into it and I tell ya the reward is remarkable I promise.  Seeds are truly a gift from the Gods and IS magic.  I can’t wait to see them sprout!

Sunday, March 29th 2015 ♥

I DARE YOU to find new beauty in your “ordinary” life routine.  As in when your going to work, walking your dog, grocery shopping, cleaning your home etc.  Find the extraordinary in the simple things.  You may be surprised to see how that “new” beauty is directly linked to your own beauty.

Sunday, March 22nd 2015 ♥

I DARE YOU to eat more green produce.

Sunday, March 15th 2015 ♥

I DARE YOU to be conscious of your water usage.

Sunday, March 8th 2015 ♥

I DARE YOU to stop and smell the roses.

Sunday, March 1st 2015 ♥

I DARE YOU to say hi to a stranger (perhaps spark a conversation) you would normally look past because your day is just that busy.

Sunday, February 22nd 2015 ♥

I DARE YOU to not litter or to pick up litter.

Sunday, February 15th 2015 ♥

I DARE YOU to remind yourself of one thing (or more) that you LOVE about yourself every morning when you wake up.